We must come together for the sake of the horses in the sport.

April 26, 2018

We had more meetings this week. On Monday night, we met with Boyd Gaming execs as well as some LA racing commissioners. The next day we met with more racing commissioners and were also introduced to track executives from other tracks in the state. We have been very well received — the tracks and commissioners are indicating that they very much want to do what they can within the law. The expectation is that we will be meeting again in the next couple weeks when every involved party can attend to hammer out a plan for the entire state.

This is all unfortunately too little too late to be able to prevent what appears to be right around the corner, which is a CBS News national report that is expected to be about Thoroughbred Racing sending its horses to slaughter. They were filming on Monday and Tuesday in Louisiana which is how we found out about the upcoming segment. It is expected to air either on Thursday or Friday before the Derby.

This is why NTWO and all the other rehoming efforts are so important. If one somehow doesn’t feel in the heart and mind that it is not at all acceptable for racing’s horses to end up in killpens or at slaughter, they must at least acknowledge how damning it is for the sport. Racing must take a stand for the horses and for the sport that sending horses to slaughter (and this includes easy disposal through local livestock auctions where the horses will be bought by slaughter buyers unless a rescue is there to outbid for those horses) will not be tolerated. We must come together on this issue for the sake of the horses and the sport. If not, then the damning reports for the public to see will continue pounding the stake into the heart of racing.


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