Awaiting our 501(c)3 Approval

March 22, 2018

Awaiting our 501(c)3 Approval

It’s been a few weeks since the announcement of the formation of our organization, so we want to update on what we’ve been doing.

First, we are thrilled with the people we are putting into our organization. Ecstatic, really. We weren’t looking for just names to plug into a spot, but good people who have a deep passion and desire to be part of this. We’ll announce some positions soon, but we couldn’t have any better people helping us and we’re so grateful and blessed to have them coming on board with us.

As previously noted, we are starting our efforts in Louisiana. Louisiana represents the “perfect storm.” They have a state-bred program that results in a substantial number of horses being bred, but they don’t have much in the way of resources to rehome these horses at the end of their careers. They are near the Mexican border, and they have two notorious “kill buyers” — Thompson/Sanders and the Stanleys — operating in close proximity.

There have been many good people working on the problem in Louisiana for many years. We feel for them as we’ve seen just a little of what they’ve been up against. When we make the progress we intend to make in the coming months, it is due to some very smart and savvy and dedicated people who have been fighting the good fight over the past years.

We filed for our 501(c)3 status in January, and are somewhat impatiently awaiting approval. We strongly believe in public accountability and transparency when one obtains public funding. We will not accept any donations until we can guarantee our contributors that their donations are tax-deductible. While we may be “chomping at the bit,” the reality is that we’ve needed this time to put the right people into place, talk to the tracks, racing commission and others, find suitable farms for rehab and layups, get our website ready, and more. We have to have the proper foundation to build upon.

We have tried to respond to all who have reached out to us. If we missed someone, we apologize and ask that you contact us again. We thank you for your support.


For emergencies, call us and we will help get you in touch with individuals or organizations within our network.

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