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Valid Art

This “in-your-pocket gelding is as sweet as they come, however, he has been allowed to get his way quite a bit in the past and likes to be a bit pushy and fidgety. He has had multiple years off since his racing career when he retired for a small bow after only 10 starts. Contrary to his race record, Valid Art is quick in the field and shows a ton of athletic ability. With his solid muscular build he could go in any direction including hunters or western gaming as long as he has a job that will challenge him both mentally and physically. I believe he would be bored in a home that would give him a lot of time off because he prefers consistent work and LOVES to be around people and involved in anything going on at the time.

Art is sound barefoot with no maintenance and no stall/pasture vices, he does chomp on the bit when his mind isn’t being used. I strongly believe that this will fade more and more as he builds confidence and learns what is expected of him. He is UTD on worming, farrier, dental and vaccines.  He would be best suited for a confident handler on the ground who does not allow him to wiggle or pull them to the grass etc but is safe for an intermediate rider.

FAULTS: He does play with the bit quite a bit, we have not tried other bits on him yet but can on request/will with time. Despite this, he has a very soft mouth.

After his racing career, Valid Art retired home to his breeders where he spent his time off with his mom, Wood Art who also stands available in our program.

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