2013 Bay Mare













Kelleri has the kindest soul, she will give you everything that she has and for no reason other than because she loves people. She is no drama in their field or in the barn. Not mare-ish and not going to squeal when she sees new horses. She has not gotten buddy sour even though she is on full turnout with 5 other mares. She has no injuries or limitations and would be a perfect starter project for a young rider who is ready to restart one by themselves. Very kid friendly, a barn favorite for our farm manager’s one year old son and she loved him just as much!

Kelleri came into the program underweight and was very hard to put eight on – all of the usual routes did not improve her condition. After she blew an abscess, our amazing podiatrist took radiographs which showed she had multiple abscesses in both front feet with tracks going straight up instead of long and shallow. She was fitted with treatment plate shoes and maggots to assist in resolving the infection.  In 2 WEEKS Kelleri was sound and started packing on weight. She is still gaining weight to fill out over her topline but she is now barefoot and on 24/6 turnout.

Kelleri is an extremely mild cribber – we have only seen her crib in the stall on her water bucket. Now when she is stalled she gets a 30gal tank in the corner of her stall that sits on the ground so she cannot crib on it. Outside she is usually too busy eating grass to care about cribbing, she doesn’t wear a collar for turnout and she does not tear up the fences.

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