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After only 5 starts, Flyer is retired from racing. In his last start on 11/13/19 he was pulled up for a large bowed tendon. He will need a few more months of light work/turnout before starting regular work. While many tendons are non limiting once healed, Flyer has a higher risk of injury and will be limited to flatwork once he starts work.

This kind horse is still young with minimal retraining outside of race training and therefore is not recommended for a beginner horseman, an intermediate working with a trainer should not have any issues as Flyer is kind and willing. He is however a more athletic horse and loves to run and play in the pasture, he will likely be one of the more dominant horses in his herd. In hand he loves to make everything a game and push little buttons to get his handlers attention- which isn’t such an awful thing.

Flyer moves sound barefoot and should continue to stay sound with regular upkeep while they grow out the flat angle he had on the track. Finding the right home is important so his price is negotiable to someone who knows how to finish rehabbing/conditioning a bowed tendon.

With his beautiful color and athletic build, Flyer would be especially talented in dressage.

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